Nick Valentine and Jon Gupta ski the Midi-Plan ridge above Chamonix. Credit: Alexandre Buisse


Over the past 9 years Jon has been on more than 40 major expeditions across 6 continents to jungles, mountains and deserts. During these expeditions he has experienced extreme high altitude, freezing temperatures, huge avalanches, near death experiences, failure and a vast amount of success and achievement!

Jon’s favourite environment and the one in which he enjoys talking about most is high altitude. He enjoys explaining what high altitude is all about and describing why he loves going to this environment where suffering is part and parcel of the enjoyment!

Jon has a deep interest in high altitude physiology and the psychology of pushing your body to its limits, and within this he is a huge fan of the Types of Fun concept and Comfort, Stretch and Panic circles and how they all over lap to create the ‘ultimate zone’.


Jon talking at the Montane and Youth Adventure Evening called Going Beyond in Bristol to 400 people!

Past talks

Jon has had the pleasure of speaking at a variety of events and thoroughly enjoys recounting stories from his mountaineering exploits at high altitudes. He is happy to tailor talks for a broad variety of audiences with underlying messages of motivation and inspiration. In the past he has spoken to:

* Abercrombie & Kent (Private dinner)
* Montane & Youth Adventure Trust
* Explorers Connect Basecamp Festival
* Avon Mountaineering Club
* Mangottsfield School
* Avon Scouts Hill Walking Unit
* Private talk on The Snow Leopard Award
* Ellis Brigham (London)

“Jon – thank you so much for coming to our VIP dinner to give a talk on your expeditions, Everest and the Himalayas. The feedback was extremely positive and they were fascinated and inspired by your stories. I would not hesitate to get you back for more talks in the future”

Paul Taylor, Private Client Manager Abercrombie & Kent

Availability for speaking

When Jon is not away on expedition he is based between Bristol, North Wales, Glencoe and London. If you are interested in having Jon speak to a group or at an event then please contact us and let us know when, where and what you would like to hear Jon speak about!