On the summit of Snowdon in fantastic weather during a successful 3 peaks Challenge

National 3 Peaks Challenge

The 3 Peaks Challenge is the UK’s most iconic mountain challenge – climbing Ben Nevis, Scarfel Pike and Snowdon in 24 hours!

Mountain Expeditions has organised over 30 successful National 3 Peaks Challenges, each weekend tweaked to fit the teams requirements. We offer an all-inclusive package to help smooth the organisation of the challenge from start to finish. We appreciate that the challenge is popular but done right it’s one of the best adventure weekends out there!

Challenge key points

  • Lead by 2 highly experienced and qualified Mountain Leaders
  • First aider and all necessary mountain safety equipment
  • Small teams & personal approach (2:12)
  • Outstanding success rate
  • Flexible & amendable 3 day itinerary
  • Minimum impact ethos & zero tolerance to litter

What else is included?

  • All transport (private luxury 17 seater minibus) between the start and finish points, including professional driver
  • Accommodation in Fort William on Friday evening
  • Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning

What is NOT included?

  • Travel to and from your chosen pick up point
  • Dinner on Friday evening
  • Mountain snacks and food between mountains during the event
  • Clothing and equipment

Experience required

Whilst some hill walking experience would be beneficial a good level of fitness is the key. It is a challenging weekend both physically and mentally – and a lack of sleep will also play a part! However, its is incredibly fun and rewarding and would equally suit teams and individuals with an adventurous spirit and an aptitude for pushing their limits!

Example Itinerary

11:00 – Pick up at Chester train station
11.30 – Pick up at Chester service station
16:15 – Pick up from Glasgow International Airport
19:00 – Arrive at Fort William – dinner and briefing

06:15 – Breakfast
06:45 – Transfer to Ben Nevis (start point)
07:00 – Commence Challenge!
12:30 – Depart Fort William
16:00 – Break at Annandale service station (30 – 45mins)
18:30 – Arrive and commence ascent of Scafell Pike
22:30 – Depart Scafell Pike …. Sleep!

03:00 – Commence ascent of Snowdon (Pen-Y-Pass)
07:30 – Complete Challenge – Celebrate!
08:00 – Full English Breakfast at Pen-Y-Pass café (Included)
11:00 – Drop off at Chester train station
11.20 – Drop off at Chester service station

Please note this is an example itinerary and subject to change during the challenge. Due to the nature of climbing mountains and driving these timings are seen as an indicator.

From Jon

“I first led a 3 Peaks Challenge 7 years ago and absolutely loved it, and every year I look forward to leading them again! Yes, many people take on the challenge, but done right – it still remains one of the best weekends you’ll have all year!”


Where are the Start/Finish points for the challenge?

For our ‘Classic 3 Peaks Challenges’ we offer 3 pick up points: Chester service station, Chester train station, and Glasgow airport. Our drop of point after the challenge is finished is Chester. FYI: There are direct trains to London on Sunday afternoons.

nb. Please book an ‘open’ return, as our return time is not guaranteed.

What is the transport during the challenge and who is driving?

Mountain Expeditions works closely with our mini bus provider Busy Bus. Together we have run nearly 30 challenges. The mini bus’s are comfortable and modern 17 seater, high top bus’s with plenty of boot space for our kit. The driver will be a professional BusyBus driver with extensive 3 Peaks experience – who will not be climbing the mountains. The driver is an essential part of the team and contributes to the success and enjoyment of the weekend.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Unless otherwise stated accommodation will be in/around Fort William a quality Bunkhouse or B&B style on Friday night. Normally rooms are on a twin basis, however occasionally rooms maybe of sharing up to 4 persons. On Saturday night – we grab a few hours sleep on the mini bus between mountains!

nb. Bring a pillow and a blanket! (See kit list)

What do we do about food during the challenge?

Dinner on Friday night is in Fort William and is included. Normally a good pub dinner with a (few) drinks! When on the mountains you need to provide your own snacks to keep your energy levels up. You will have a chance to go shopping on route after the Glasgow pick up. Your leaders will also brief you about this at the time – what foods are good/not good etc.

Can we leave items on the bus?

Absolutely – the bus is yours for the whole challenge and the driver will remain with it at all times. We will leave everything we don’t need on the mountains, on the bus.

What kit do I need?

This really depends on the weather, but you should always be prepared for the worst. If you follow the kit list you wont be far off. Water proofs are essential regardless of the forecast, as is a hat and gloves. It can be very cold on the summit, even in summer.

Footwear – Boots or trainers?

This is a personal choice. With trainers you run the risk of twisting an ankle, so we always suggest good comfortable walking boots. However if you prefer to wear sturdy outdoor trainers then this is fine.

Does the driver have regulated driver hours? Is the mini bus restricted?

Yes, and yes. Climbing the mountains is tough work so we leave all the driving to a professional driver from our mini bus company. Due to their driving regulations and that the minibus is restricted to 62mph we compensate by adding an additional 1.5 hours to the 24. This is standard across the industry for groups undertaking the challenge. It doesn’t give you anymore time on the mountain, it simply allows for the time lost during transfers. Therefore, it removes the temptation to speed and not take breaks.

Is the challenge do able in 24 hours?

Absolutely! Most of our teams cross the Snowdon line in under 24 hours – and this is down to a few key points. Your leaders will be experienced with delivering the 3 Peaks Challenge and will offer you a detailed brief on the Friday night – listen carefully for top tips and handy hints! Time is important during the challenge, but there is no need to rush, you simply need to be efficient. 10 mins wasted at each change over = 1 hour.

Can friends/family come and meet me at the finish line?

Yes! We will finish at the Pen-Y-Pass car park on Snowdon and friends and family are very welcome to come and cheer you on here. FYI: The car park fills up quickly, normally by 08:00.

We have a large team of 20+ can we do the challenge together?

More the merrier! Depending on how many members you have we would split them into teams of upto 12. Each team will have its own minibus, driver and leaders, and in effect be independent of the others – but everyone will see each other on the mountains and at numerous places along the way! Mountain Expeditions has often run challenges with more than 1 team.



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