Nick Valentine and Jon Gupta skiing the Midi-Plan traverse above Chamonix. Credit: Alexandre Buisse

About Mountain Expeditions…

Mountain Expeditions (formally JCG Expeditions) was established in 2009 by Jon Gupta whilst leading an expedition to Kilimanjaro. Jon was guiding his first fully self-organised expedition with a mix of school and university friends making up the team. With an extraordinary amounts of laughter and fun, the trip was a huge success and Mountain Expeditions reached its first of many summits.

Company ethos

Mountain Expeditions has a clear and defined ethos: the small things matter. We believe that climbing a mountain is more than simply standing on its summit; it’s about all the individual journeys and experiences which make up the expedition’s life. You are a member of the team, and part of the expedition from the minute you sign up.

We want to provide you with a unique, and unparalleled adventure. The Mountain Expeditions team have developed their skills on personal adventures and by leading expeditions in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments. This expertise allows us to offer a variety of trips to suit all abilities and goals.

Mountain ethics

Some of the expeditions or challenges we offer are well known and from time to time receive negative press for one reason or another. There are many ways to run expeditions – and some ways are better than others. As a company, Mountain Expeditions has grown out of a love for the outdoors and a passion for all things that the mountains have to offer – so we take the impact of our expeditions on the mountains we climb very seriously.

Expedition leaders

From time to time Mountain Expeditions uses a number of carefully and personally selected associate Mountain Leaders (MLs), Mountaineering Instructors (MIA/MICs) and Mountain Guides (UIAGM) to deliver expeditions, instuction and guiding.

All of these people are chosen on their individual merits based on the mix of their technical skills, qualifications and excellent interpersonal skills. These guides are both friends as well as colleagues and understand the Mountain Expeditions ethos and deliver to the highest standards.

Local teams

Mountain Expeditions Leaders have spent years on expeditions with local teams, either through their work or whilst on their own personal climbs. Not only have we built an excellent rapport with the local Sherpas, porters, guides, cooks, and all involved; these local people have also become our good friends.

We are therefore able to hand-pick our local teams, so that every trip gets it right in the ways which matter.  The best team will surround you to look after your needs and your safety. They will also help you fulfil your goals, dreams and ambitions.

We work with reputable in-country organisations to help improve the working conditions and livelihoods of those involved. We also regularly take supplies from the UK to give to our local teams to ensure that they have the correct clothing and equipment for the mountain conditions.

Medical support

Your safety is paramount. We have two doctors who keep a remote eye on all our medical welfare. Both have over 10 years’ experience and qualifications in high altitude and expedition medicine. Mountain Expeditions medical kits and protocols for our trips have been designed by them, and they are able to offer remote emergency advice whenever possible. All medical information is treated as confidential. However, the final decision to go on a trip – from a medical perspective – must rest with you and your own general practitioner.

In addition to this, a tried and tested system of communication, Casualty Evacuation Planning and Emergency Operations Procedures (EOPs) helps make your safety our top priority.

Group sizes

On every expedition, the number of participants is kept to a level to enable the highest quality to be maintained. We do not want to be that company where you become a number or even a blur after the expedition has finished, so we have a strict cut off point to ensure that our groups never become too big.

We strongly believe that by doing this our Mountain Expeditions Leaders are able to provide a more personalised service and we find that group dynamics work much better than when travelling in high numbers. Therefore, your success rate and enjoyment increases immeasurably.


BMC Participation Statement: The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

It is a requirement of our booking Terms and Conditions that you have insurance cover and that you provide us with a copy before you travel (Overseas expeditions only). The policy must include suitable cover for search and rescue, and repatriation and emergency medical expenses.

Insurance in the UK: Although insurance is not mandatory in the UK, I also strongly recommend that you obtain personal accident insurance prior to the start of your course, such policies are available from the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) along with lots of good advice.

Insurance for overseas: When on overseas expeditions, it is your responsibility and in many cases mandatory to have specialist mountaineering rescue, medical and repatriation insurance to cover the dates, areas and activities involved. A policy that includes cancellation insurance at point of booking may help you recoup costs if you incur cancellations charges.

Appropriate mountaineering insurances are available from providers such as: Dogtag, Snowcard and The BMC.


All our expeditions are priced on a Land Only basis. The expedition starts at the in-country airport where you will be greeted and taken to your hotel. On many of our expeditions we send out a suggested flight or day of arrival, but we leave it up to you to arrange and book your own flights. This offers you more flexibility; if you fancy taking those extra few days before on Safari or some chill-out time on the beach after the climb – you can!


With all our expeditions we try to include as much as possible in the overall price to give you a realistic idea of what the trip will cost you in total. Alongside this we clearly state what isn’t included so there are no hidden surprises!

Our prices are very competitive and are often slightly lower than our larger competitors. However, unlike them Mountain Expeditions doesn’t have a large office, flash cars and big over heads (so make the most of it before the prices go up!). We offer an unparalleled personal experience and always go the extra mile to ensure the expedition runs smoothly.


We offer a 5% discount on our Overseas Expeditions* for returning members who have been on an Overseas Expedition before, just a little thank you from us to you.

If you are booked onto an Overseas Expedition then all UK courses are tailored expedition training prior to the expedition is offered at 10% discount.

*Except when we open a new expedition. This is because it will always be cheaper the first year and returning members get first choice.


We are confident for each and every trip that you will have an enjoyable time and incredible experience when heading out with us. This is reflected in our unparalleled success rate and the excellent feedback we receive. We can’t promise you that you will reach the objective every time, but we can promise you a lot of fun along the way. So please get in touch and ask as many questions as you wish – we are here to help fuel your enthusiasm for adventure and put your dreams into reality.

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